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About Us

We are a startup company from Brno, Czechia, specializing in building agriculture computer vision systems.  Feel free to contact us using our contact form or via an email

Martin Kolarik

Martin Kolarik


Ondrej Krajsa

Ondrej Krajsa


Jiri Prinosil

Jiri Prinosil


Q1 - 2022

Company established

Q2 - 2022

Testing camera sensor samples

Q3 - 2022

Image processing technology development

Q4 - 2022

Singlecam prototype finished & Data management platform development

Q1 - 2023

Singlecam available to first customers & Quadcam prototype development

Q2 - 2023

Quadcam available to first customers

Q3 - 2023

Crop specific dataset gathering for actionable data research

Q4 - 2023

Crop multispectral data management platform development

Products and vision

multispectral camera

Multispectral camera technology


  • We build multispectral cameras and image processing software. With our cost-effective technology, we are on a mission to bring better sensing solutions to wider applications in precision agriculture and beyond.

  • Multispectral cameras & custom lighting – Agriception’s technology for visible and near-infrared spectrum sensing is suitable for a wide range of applications

  • SingleCam

    • 4-spectrum (RGB + 850nm) single-sensor cameras 

    • Suitable for plant matter detection and health measurement

  • QuadCam

    • Multi-sensor 5-spectrum (RGB + 730nm + 850nm) & depth cameras

    • In-depth crop quality measurement

Image processing software


  • Our custom image processing pipeline incorporates state-of-the-art algorithms for high-quality results with easy implementation to your existing technology stack

  • We are developing software for processing single and multi-lens cameras with an advanced image processing pipeline

Image processing
AI solutions

Custom AI solutions

  • We are a group of PhDs with a specialization in machine learning and computer vision. Our team has a lot of experience with building end-to-end computer vision systems
  • Our services include consultation and development of machine learning projects over a complete project lifecycle
    • Initial consultation and feasibility study
    • Data labelling and processing
    • Machine learning models training & deployment
    • Cloud / on-premise architecture design and implementation

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Agriception s.r.o.

CIN 14040131
Address Příkop 843, Brno, Czech Republic
Phone +420 721 636 257

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Co-funded by grant programme “Prototypuj a overuj” with financial support by SMB

Co-funded by EIT Food Seedbed 2022


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